10. November 2015

Poetry: We deserve the best

Why do we keep trying for what we´ll never get
why do we keep fighting for lovers who left?
Where is all that strength gone that we had
Why have all these dreams gone so bad?

We were so fortunate, so happy, so glad
now we started messing it up instead.
Women running after men that don´t care
giving themselves away, well aware.

We only feel worthy when there is love
and keep falling from that cloud in heaven above
we forgot how good we can be on our own
and we keep sinking all so ready to drown.

I will forever care about you and you know
you´re a part of my life and although
you are happy without me I feel relief
now it´s again me in who I believe.

It is time to again start to see
how good we can and will  be
We´ll stop waiting for whoever left
because we deserve the best.
- 09/11/15, Brussels


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