20. November 2015


Do we really want to let them bring us down? 
Do we really want to let them put us to the ground?
What is happening to this world?
Are the warriors holding up their sword?

Are we back to where the templars killed
And so many people thrilled
For gods sake and religious glory?
For  fame and for a frightening story?

Are we back to times we left behind?
Are we really so stupid, so numb, so blind?
To people killing for the one right god
To stop at nothing spreading the blood.

There is no backing down, we will stand up
Living our lives and lifting our cup
We won´t back down to terror and hate
Our love and freedom should be their fate.

We have to make this world a better place
Not being naive, but winning this race
They might not know love but we should be wiser
Save this world, make it brighter.
- Brussels, 20/11/2015

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