17. Oktober 2015

Dear Diary - My life in Brussels

After almost two months in Brussels, I feel like I´ve finally settled down. The time until everyone leaves for Christmas is only another two months, so this feels kind of half time, even if we´ll come back in january to pass our exams. Hopefully pass them. Going through the ups and downs of living abroad is really challenging but I am so in love with that feeling of living my own life with all its difficulties. Moving out from home is something really exciting and some people really can not wait to finally move out of their parent´s house. I have never felt like that. Sure, I´ve dreamed of my own home and how I can create it, how independent I will be. But being only 20 years old, I´ve never felt the need to do it straight away, in the near future. I just loved living at my parents´ house with someone around me all the time, a shoulder to cry on in every situation. And the feeling of belonging somewhere, where someone really loves me no matter what. Now that I´ve not only kind of moved out of my parents´ house, but also moved to another country, I really feel proud of myself and how easy everything seems so far. I must admit, I didn´t do it completely on my own, I have a great friend by my side. Also, do I know that all of this is only for a short time. In a little bit more than three months I´ll be back in the small village, that I´ve lived in ever since I was born. At the real home, that I feel so connected to. I am not that person, who can leave all this behind and go somewhere else, not really missing what and who I left behind. But one day, maybe it will be easier for me because I´ve lived my life here in Brussels. 

All of this sounds so dramatic and I know for sure, that´s something many others would not really feel. But all of this is so new to me. And I am happy, that it is so much fun. 
Besides, I am writing all of this in English, because I feel like I can do it now. I know, I should be here to improve my french, but what I am really doing, is speaking English all the time. Call it Erasmus-life. Maybe I can try to write a post in french at the end of my stay :).

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