27. November 2015

Help the Environment: Bamboo Toothbrush

Over the last months, I started to get obsessed with the Zero Waste Lifestyle. What that means? Pruducing no waste at all. No plastic packaging, no paper, no nothing else. When we really look at our daily life closely, we realize, that everything we use consists of plastic or has been packaged in it. And we throw it away and send it to landfill. But after putting it in front of our door we completely forget about it. But it´s not gone. It finds its way into the oceans. In the pacific floats plastic in the size of central Europe. Animals mistake the plastic for food and die, abandoned fishing nets continue fishing and kill many animals. The mass of waste seems so big that one of us could clearly make no difference? It´s exactly the opposite. If everybody starts to reduce the waste they are producing, we can already make a difference. One first step is swapping out products that are not recyclable. For example toothbrushes. I came across the toothbrushes of HYDROPHIL that are completely vegan, fair and help the environment, because they are compostable. 

The toothbrush itself consists of Bamboo wich is a great resource because it regrows really fast. The bristles consist of Nylon (that´s the only disadvantage). 

The company describes on their website (german):
"Plastik umgibt uns fast ständig, es kann in vielen Formen verwendet werden und ist billig. Schlecht daran ist: Plastik braucht mindestens 500 Jahre, um zu verrotten. Circa 13.000 Plastikpartikel befinden sich auf jedem Quadratkilometer Meeresoberfläche - durch Strömungen werden diese weltweit verteilt. In der Nordsee wird der Plastikanteil am Meeresmüll auf 75 Prozentgeschätzt."
(Plastic needs at least 500 years to rot. About 13 000 particles of plastic float in every square kilometer in the ocean.)

I have tried it out and I can say that the feeling of wood in your mouth doesn´t make that big of a difference. You can choose how hard the bristles should be for your own comfort. There is no difference in the use of the brush but a big difference for the environment. 

If anybody is asking, this post is not sponsored. I want to make people aware of great alternatives to help the environment. There are other companies that sell bamboo-toothbrushes but this is a german company I have only heard the best recommendations of.

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