24. November 2015

Brussels: A city in deep sleep?

The current news about Brussels sound crazy and threatening. This city normaly doesn´t really sleep but with the terror threat security level 4/4 the city went calm over the last days. Schools and Universities were closed, cinemas and the metro too. Concerts and bigger events were cancelled, even the gyms were closed. The media tells us, that barely anyone is in the streets right now, besides the military and the police. In a way that is right, the life in Brussels has slowed down. But on the other hand, life has to go on. The terror has achieved one goal already, in making the inhabitants of Brussels scared and in influencing their daily life. But the city didn´t fall asleep and it was the first time that I could experience, how the media exaggerates. Terror-news in a live-ticker? The media makes people scared and has to take it back, one minute later. This really shows, that a well-founded reporting can not be replaced by short messages, seconds after the event even happened. 

This world seems to have fallen into big chaos - or maybe it was just now for us to realize, that it has always been like that. The world in peace? That never happened. But terror and war in Europe doesn´t feel familiar, at least not to our generation. But if we think it through, there is only one way to stop other people from influencing our daily life, our happiness and our freedom. We need to just keep on doing what we are doing. And we have to figure out who really is the problem here. People like refugies, who were thrown into the same situation, are not the real opponent in this chaos. 

Brussels will hopefully come back to it´s way of life after all and we will carry on living our lives. And this city will wake up again.

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