12. Mai 2016

Easy vegan Breakfast Oatmeal

Good morning everyone! 
Time for Breakfast. To start your day right and with a lot of energy, breakfast is the best fuel for your body. But even if Pizza is a food for everyday and all day long, it's maybe not the best breakfast for a light and bright start to the day. I often get hungry  two hours after I've had my breakfast because I do sports or ride my bike to the trainstation very very fast (because I'm always late). But to prevent snacking all morning long, your breakfast should be filling and last a while. This porridge/müsli-bowl is fresh, healthy, vegan and keeps you going until lunch. 
You can obviously mix up the ingredients, choose seasonal and local fruit and berries and nuts and seeds. 


*ground Hazelnuts
*Coconut Flakes
*Agave Nectar


Soak the oats in oat-milk for 2-5 minutes. Decorate with fruits and berries, nuts and agave nectar. Of course you can use much more fruits or berries and whatever sweetener you like. Enjoy!

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