16. Dezember 2015

How time flies

Did you ever experience this weird feeling, that somehow time has passed so fast and when you look back, it seems like everything blurrs into one big ball? I mean, everything you remember are some bits and pieces but all in all the time seems one period of your life that has ended and will only come back in memories. When you look back on one year, one semester abroad, it feels like the time has gone by so quickly. In the beginning it always seems like a big mountain you can climb, with all its ups and downs. You feel like you have all the time in the world but time plays a trick on you. Because in a glimpse of time you are right in the middle of it and when you close your eyes just for one second, you are right at the end. But what really matters isn't how good your memory is, how exact you remember every adventure, every minute of that time. It's how you have grown with all the experiences. There is no way back into the past, so all that matters is the here and now. And in this moment, we can decide how our future will be. So that if we look back sometimes, to see how far we've come, we can say that we experienced EVERYTHING consciously, so we could grow from it. The future is already there, the present will fade away any blink of an eye. Make sure that you will look right at it, to remember it later! ;)

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