20. Dezember 2015

Travel: Liège

Our last trip before flying home for Christmas was destinated to Liège, the cultural center of the french part of Belgium "Wallonie". As one of our teachers had an exhibition of her photos in Liège, we thought it would be a great oppurtunity to see a city in the french part. Most of the photos I took of Liège were all about the train station "Guillemins", the main station of the city. The architecture of the train station is really impressive. The architect is Santiago Calatrava from Valencia. Compared to the rest of the city, the train station is really modern which leaves the rest of the city seem quite old. But old can mean gold, especially in architecture. Old meets new in Liège. Between houses with old, really artistic fassades you can always find a new building. One of our destinations was also the Marché de la Batte, a market along the river "Maas" or "Meuse". The market is really long and has a lot to offer, actually everything you might or might not need. I must say, Liège is really not the prettiest city but it has some nice corners and a sweet charme.

So now this is it. Most of our friends we made here are already at their homes, where I will be tomorrow too. But for me, this isn't the end. I'll come back soon for my exams in january and for a New Years Eve in Brussels. So no goodbyes yet, see you soon Brussels!

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