16. Januar 2016

Goodbye Brussels!

This is it. 5 months studying abroad have come to an end. 5 months living in the capital city of Belgium are now over and I want to take a look back! This semester in Brussels has been a great experience for me. Personally, I have moved out for the forst time. At first, I was quite scared about all of that but when the day of moving came, I was kind of calm and sure, that I really wanted to do it. I know, moving to Brussels doesn't sound as fancy, as moving to Australia or to America, but for me moving across a border seemed a really big step. I knew, I am always close to my home country and that I can visit my family at least over Christmas. And I knew I wouldn't have to do it alone, one of my best friends was always with me. Going through this experience together made it all even better. Now, when I look into the future, I feel like I can now start to live my own life. Sounds dramatic, right? I feel like, I am my own person now, I am kind of grown up. No worries, I will always keep that child inside of me, that still seems to come through quite often ;). In these last few months, I have visited many new places and that's what I loved most about this time. I have met so many new friends, and even if I know, I might not see all of them again, I am sure that I will see some of them very very soon. These friends have showed me so much about their countries and cultures, I really loved the times we spend talking about what's typical in Germany or everywhere else in the world. I won't tell all the stories of what I've done again, you can see yourself if you scroll down. But this post is about moving forward. I know everybody says that, but I have really grown over the time I've spent in Brussels and I am so looking forward to what adventure is coming next. You better not plan it, because life happens when you're making plans!

Au revoir Bruxelles! See you soon ♥

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