28. Januar 2016


Coconut Oil is all over the place right now, it's THE silver bullet for almost everything. I personally love Coconut-Oil for many different reasons. It helps me from the inside and from the outside. So here is, what I use it for:

1. Make-up remover:
We all know, that oil takes away all make-up very easily and coconut oil is a great natural way to get rid of mascara, foundation and so on. It's just as easy as you might imagine. Just grab a little bit of the coconut oil (if it's solid, just warm it up between your fingers) and rub it into your face, wherever you want to take off your make-up. You might look a little crazy, if it's Halloween - just stay like that - but if not, you can wipe it off with a towel. And after that, you might want to wash it off with warm water (if you have naturally oily skin the oil might be to heavy) or you can just leave it like that and the oil works as your moisturizer!

2. Body Butter: 
I have also started to use Coconut Oil as a moisturizer, not only for my face, but also for my whole body. After your shower, you just use it like you would use a normal body butter. It's really keeping your skin soft because of it's rich creaminess. The oil sinks in quite fast if you don't use to much of it. 

3. Shaving Cream: 
We don't really know what's inside these shaving creams, right? So why not trust this natural cream called Coconut Oil? It's just as easy as it sounds. Just spread some of the oil on your skin and you're ready to shave! And - like the make up remover - your skin is already moisturized after that, so you won't need more than one product!

4. Peeling: 
Coconut Oil + Brown Sugar or Sea Salt = face or body peeling! You just mix Coconut Oil with some sea salt (for your body) or some sugar (for your face) and use it to exfoliate your skin. Caffe grounds or ground almonds will do too - you have to find out which texture works best for you!

5. Cooking: 
Coconut Oil has a coconut-scent and taste to it, so you might think it only works in sweet recipes. But Coconut-Oil works in every kind of dish. Coconut Oil doesn't burn as fast as for example olive oil - so it's very good for higher temperatures. But not only for frying but also as an ingredient Coconut Oil does its job. You can use it for example in pancakes, energy balls or cakes! 

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