11. Dezember 2015

Christmas Gift Guide

You didn´t buy all your christmas presents yet? You don´t know what to buy because everyone already has everything? I can really relate to that. So I am trying to give you some inspiration what you could give to someone to change their lifes. Sometimes, socks do change people´s life, so I won´t say that socks are the worst christmas present ever. I also wanted to include something you could DIY or bake to spend very little money. So here is my selection of presents:

Recipe from FOOD.com

So here we are: one present that can never really go wrong are socks. This year I startet wearing longer socks because you know, the rain in Brussels drops into your shoes and makes your ankles freeze. Wearing cozy socks in boots or on the sofa at home is never a bad idea.
All Socks from Topshop.

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