27. April 2016

Interior: Green Power + 3 Tipps for Minimalism

When you wake up, the eyes still closed, but you can already feel that the sunshine fills up your room, you open your eyes and you want to jump out of bed to start your day energized and happy. This would be my favourite start to the day. In reality, many days there is no sun to wake me up, there is not much energy to jump out of bed. But to make the morning a bit brighter, I chose to change the colours of my room. From an orange-yellow tone I swiched (sounds easy but it was hard work) to green and white. For me the colour green is the mosz beautiful colour. We can find it everywhere around us. In spring the grass starts to get greener, the trees show their differen greens and it really starts to feel like spring. And for me, the colour green is a symbol for nature, hope and energy. As you know, your green smoothie pushes your energy level and that's what I want to feel in the morning, when I open my eyes. I am trying to get closer and closer to a minimalistic interior. I don't feel like I'm there yet but I like cleaning my space and decluttering my whole room. 


To make your space look more minimalistic, it really has to be minimalistic. This means, if you have full drawers and cupboards, your space will fill up with all of that stuff over time. So to keep the clutter from lying around everywhere, you have to get rid of it. 

Tidy up your room everyday. In the morning or in the evening, take 10 minutes of your time to put clothes into your closet, to bring the tea cup into the kitchen and so on. If you just use this little time, you can already make a difference. 

Everything needs its own place. Books, magazines, pencils, the waterbottle. If you don't know where to put it, it needs a place where it always goes, so you have to use less time for tidying. If there is no space for it at all, ask yourself, do I really need it? 

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