9. Februar 2016


In a world where the nespresso machine is just right next to your fridge where you grab a bag of milk and your capsule or coffee pad, we produce a lot of waste just for one coffee with milk. But there is a way to change your coffee routine a little bit and just like that you can have a waste free coffee!

1. Step: Swap your coffee-machine for a french press or a traditional espresso machine.

2. Step: Make your milk! Instead of cow milk you can use plant milk (which is actually better for you in times of lactose problems and hormons in the milk) that you can make yourself at home. For example almond milk: You just have to soak the almonds in water over night, then blend them with some fresh water and strain it through a kitchen towel.

3. Step: You can either compost the coffee ground you're left with, or you can upcycle it as an exfoliater! Take it with you into the shower, massage your skin with it and rinse! I heard it helps to reduce cellulite!

(If you want to use sugar in your coffee, you can use bulk sugar or you can sweeten your milk with a little bit of agave nectar and you have sweetener and milk in one product).

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