14. Juli 2016

Vegan Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl

BREAKFAST - the most important meal of the day. This one here isn't that big but a great fuel for the day! And obviously, you can put in more ingredients and you'll have a big bowl of goodness. Buckwheat is perfect for people who don't eat gluten.


Plant Milk 
Agave Nectar


First of all you have to put the buckwheat in a pot with some plant milk (I used oat milk) so it covers the buckwheat and heat it all up. Then you add the cinnamon, so the flavour really commes out through the cooking process. Always add more milk if you feel like it gets too sticky. In the end, put in the agave nectar and put it in a bowl. For toppings, I used pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes and a ripe banana but feel free to use whatever you like! Enjoy!

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