8. August 2016

Travel Diary: Oslo

It feels like the last two years I have travelled to more places than I have ever before. I have been to Nepal, I went on a roadtrip through Ireland, I lived in Brussels for 5 months and now I just came back from a trip to Norway. In Brussels we met the nicest girls in the world and it seemed like they were almost all from Norway. We got along so well and it was more than sad to leave Brussels and our time together behind. In situations like this, you always promise each other that you'll see each other again very soon, that you'll travel to their country and they will visit you - but in the end, most of the time that never happens. But I feel like at the moment I am really making lots of these promises true. With my all time travel buddy Larissa, I drove all the way to Berlin (10 hours on a bus) and from there we went on a plane to Oslo. We spend almost 8 days in Olso and had a great time seeing our norwegian friends and exploring the city. One day we even visited 6 museums - sore legs were included. Here is what we did: 

We stayed in an apartment - thanks to Air BnB, we had a place to come back to every evening, a place all to ourselves. We were able to cook our own food, what's really convenient in a country where food is quite expensive.

The neighborhood (Bislett) was very quiet and we had many supermarkets and a tram station just around the corner. The public transport was really helpful and we sometimes enjoyed taking the tram or the metro after walking all the time.

We explored the neighbourhood "Grünerlokka", which is full of beautiful streetart and really nice bars and cafes.

The opera right at the Fjord is really impressive. And the best about it is that you can walk all the way to the top and you'll have a great view of the city.

The main shopping street "Karl Johans Gate" leaded us to the castle. Fun Fact about the weather: If the sky is all dark and cloudy it doesn't mean that there will be rain. Because in some minutes it can all be gone and sunny. Or the other way around.

A place we really enjoyed was the Frognerparken with the Vigelandsparken. First we went there to run in the morning, then we came back later to take pictures of the beautiful statues.

I definetely have to go back to Norway again because I have to see more of its beautiful nature. That's on my list now more than ever!

We also went to the Holmenkollen to see the jumping tower and to walk through the forest. We got really wet in the end but it was a great adventure.

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